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A typical day at an Aladdins Fair for sellers

All sellers must register at the top door (public entrance) from 8.00 to 8.15am.

During this registration sellers will receive name tags, map of tables and receipt for table payment.

Once you have registered please move to the back doors (loading doors) to prepare for entrance to setup.

These doors will be manned by Aladdins helpers in black shirts and are there to assist sellers and check that all name tags are visible.

Sellers will be allowed entrance at 8.15am via the back doors (loading doors) and the side entrance door (from carpark). 

Please unload wisely and carefully to avoid damage to goods.

All tables inside the hall will have a sticker displaying the letter and number as per the mud map provided.


      8.00am - 8.15am          Registration at the top door

8.15am - 10.00am        Entry at the back doors

            10.00am - 2.00pm         Aladdins Fair open to the public



Each table is 2.4m (8ft) x 0.75m (2.5ft) and is setup, 2 chairs are also provided.

The cost of each table booked in your name is $80 each.


Tables are booked in your name for the purpose of selling your goods. If you as a seller require extra space for selling of your goods and book 

more than one table a discount is given for the additional tables. The sharing of tables between different sellers is against the spirit of the 

discount and is not acceptable practice.


Name tags

Your Aladdins name tags are provided to you and are to be worn at all times

These name tags are used for entry and set up at the fair and must be displayed for security purposes throughout the fair.

Book 1 table and receive 2 name tags

Book 2 tables and receive 3 name tags

Book 3 tables and receive 4 name tags

Book 4 tables and receive 5 name tags


These name tags will be collected at the end of the fair by an Aladdins helper.


Table bookings

Aladdins Fairs have a high demand for tables.  We often have more demand for tables than can be met by the capacity of the hall. 

Please note,  all requests for table positions are considered carefully. However, table positions are allocated on a first come, first served basis. 

With this in mind we advised you to book your table early to secure your table position.


To secure your table and position we require a completed Aladdins Booking Form and full payment. 

Your booking is not official until full payment is received and/or cheques are cleared.


Regular stallholders are encouraged to book and pay for their tables at the previous fair to secure the position in the hall. 

Booking forms for advance bookings are available from the office area during each fair.


We value our regular stallholders but please do not assume we know you are coming to each and every fair. 

As owners, we reserve the right to refuse bookings at our discretion.


How to book tables at Aladdins

Complete and sign the official Aladdins Booking Form

Send the completed booking form along with payment to Aladdins Fairs, 19 Kakanui Street, Aspley QLD 4034

Include your name, email address and phone number

Your receipt will given to you at registration on the morning of the fair.